PDX Film Fest + PP Invitational

The Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival (2001-2009) was the crown jewel in the alternative cinema calendar.  An annual five day event, the festival featured experimental, abstract, and non-narrative cinematic works- hosting special guests such as Jem Cohen, Miranda July, Martha Colburn, Kelly Reichardt, Peggy Ahwesh, Garrett Scott, Sam Green, DeeDee Halleck, David Gatten, and many many more.

The Peripheral Produce Invitational was the Saturday Night Main Event.  A rock-em-sock-em competitive film throwdown, carefully selected artists would compete for the World Championship of Experimental Cinema.  Highlights included Vladimir and her live View-Master experiences, 94 year old George Andrus and his endearing Soap Films, and Vanessa Renwick’s victory at the inaugural event. Noted competitors included Craig Baldwin (2001), Deborah Stratman (2005), Miranda July (2001,02), Elisabeth Subrin (2002), Melinda Stone (2001,07) Bill Daniel (2001, 06), and holder of the “most tries” record- Bryan Boyce (2001,02,04,05,06,07,08,09). Voted on by the audience- prizes, trophies, and fame bequeathed the winners:

2001: Vanessa Renwick
2002: Trevor Fife
2004: Vladimir
2005: Vladimir
2006: Julie Orser
2007: George Andrus
2008: Orland Nutt
2009: Orland Nutt


information about past festivals can be found on the PDX Film Fest’s official website

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