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Peripheral Produce All-Time Greatest Hits (various artists)
DVD features 10 artists including Miranda July, Sam Green, Vanessa Renwick, and more.
90 minutes – Peripheral Produce No. 10 – DVD – 2003
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Deborah Stratman: Something Like Flying
DVD includes: In Order Not To Be Here, Kings of the Sky, and From Hetty To Nancy.
140 minutes – Peripheral Produce No. 13 – DVD – 2005
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Matt McCormick: The Great Northwest
feature length experimental documentary
70 minuutes – High Definition BluRay disk – 2012
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Naomi Uman: Milking and Scratching
DVD includes: Leche, Mala Leche, Private Movie, Removed, and Hand Eye Coordination.
99 minutes – Peripheral Produce No. 14 – DVD – 2005
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Helen Hill: The House of Sweet Magic
DVD includes:Tunnel of Love, Madame Winger Makes a Film, Scratch and Crow, Your New Pig is Down the Road, The World’s Smallest Fair, Vessel, Film for Rosie, Mouseholes, Bohemian Town.
58 minutes – 2007
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Bill Brown: The Next Best Place
DVD Includes: Mountain State (2003), Confederation Park (1999), Buffalo Common (2001) and Roswell (1994).
90 minutes – Peripheral Produce No. 11 – DVD – 2004
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Matt McCormick: From Tugboats to Polar Bears
DVD Includes: Towlines, Grounded, American Nutria, Past and Pending, The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal, Going to the Ocean, The Vyrotonin Decision and Sincerely, Joe P. Bear.
85 minutes – Peripheral Produce No. 12 – DVD – 2004
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The Auto-Cinematic Video Mix Tape (various artsts)
Re-released on DVD, includes work of Miranda July, Negativland, Animal Charm, Jon Raymond, and many more.
90 minutes – Peripheral Produce No. 1 (1998/2012)
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