Animal Charm

Assuming a deconstructive take on propriety, Animal Charm (aka Rich Bott & Jim Fetterley) began creating videos as an act of Electronic Civil Disobedience. Diving the dumpsters of video production companies and scrounging through countless hours of industrial, documentary, and corporate video footage, Animal Charm often edit tapes in a live mix session before an audience. By re-editing images derived from a wide variety of sources, they scramble media codes, creating a kind of tic-ridden, convulsive babble, their disruptive gestures often investing conventional forms with subversive meanings.

Animal Charm’s Films Can Be Found On:

Peripheral Produce’s All-Time Greatest Hits (Stuffing)
The Auto-Cinematic Video Mix Tape (Slow Gin Soul Stallion)

Artist website:

Animal Charm - still from Stuffing

Animal Charm - still from Stuffing