Peripheral Produce is a video label that started distributing experimental film and video compilations in 1996. Born out of a screening series of the same name, Peripheral Produce represents over 20 artists and has released 14 titles. Artists whose work can be found on Peripheral Produce releases include Bill Brown, Miranda July, Deborah Stratman, Naomi Uman, Vanessa Renwick, K8 Hardy, Brian Frye,  Animal Charm, Bryan Boyce, Sam Green, Matt McCormick, Jim Trainor, Negativland, and many others.

Peripheral Produce was founded by filmmaker Matt McCormick in Portland, Oregon with the intention of creating an outlet for experimental film and video to be purchased and collected by the general public. With small independent record labels serving as a model, Peripheral Produce compiles the work of selected artists and packages it for easy consumption.

In 2001, Peripheral Produce began organizing the annual Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Festival, a five day event that showcases non-narrative film and video from around the world. An annual festival, special guests have included Miranda July, Jem Cohen, Martha Colburn, DeeDee Halleck, Elisabeth Subrin, David Gatten, Garrett Scott, and many others.  The PDX Film Festival went on hiatus in 2010- we all hope it will come back soon and will let you know when that happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Just what is PERIPHERAL PRODUCE exactly?
A: Peripheral Produce is a couple things at this point. It started in 1996 as a screening series that focused on showcasing local experimental film and video. Matt McCormick was the main instigator, but Vanessa Renwick, Eric Ostrowski, Jon Raymond, Miranda July, and Rich Bott + Jim Fetterley played crucial roles.  In 1998, we decided to become a video distribution label, and began compiling work and releasing it for mass consumption. In 2001 the screening series was compressed into a giant weekend blow-out, and hence the PDX Film Festival was born. The PDX Film Festival was run by Matt McCormick and Gretchen Hogue from 2001-2009.  Peripheral Produce is NOT a venue, a production company, or as organized as we should be.

Q: Where did that tongue-twister of a name come from?
A: The nearly impossible to pronounce name Peripheral Produce was inspired by the numerous road-side produce stands you find in agricultural areas, and came out of the idea of art being created and sold in a similar fashion (from producer to consumer-as fresh as it gets). Obviously we were already committed to the name before we said it out loud enough times.

Q: How can I stay up-to-date on Peripheral Produce happenings?
A: Become our Facebook friend and visit the site for updates.

Q: Will the PDX Film Festival come back?
A: We hope so, but we’ll see.  Budget challenges really made things difficult.

Q: How do you select the work you choose to distribute? and/or I really want to send you my new movie…
A: PERIPHERAL PRODUCE has incorporated many spies within the film festival circuit that report back on what’s the hot new thing. But we are not currently looking to expand our catalog, so please do not send in your work at this time. (but please feel free to send us candy)

Q: Just what is the Peripheral Produce Invitational?
A: The Peripheral Produce Invitational is a rock-em-sock-em competitive film event that was nestled in the PDX Film Fest.  It is pretty much impossible to explain- watch this video in our archives to get a better idea.