Bill Brown: The Next Best Place

You can take Bill Brown out of Texas, but you can’t take the Texas out of Bill Brown. His films are vast and expansive and take you on a road trip across the back roads of forgotten places. From his award winning Confederation Park, which carefully depicts an aimless American kid setting out across the Trans-Canada Highway, to Buffalo Common, which observes the dismantling of nuclear missile silos across North Dakota, Bill’s films blur the difference between documentary and personal filmmaking and create a time-capsule of the subtle changes of the North American landscape. His films have won many awards and screened at nearly every film festival on the planet, he has received both Rockefeller and Creative Capital grants, and in November 2003, the Museum of Modern Art presented a retrospective of his work. His ‘turn-ons’ include blimps, elevated trains, and vegan bratwurst, but the steady tug of time passing and Hummers leave him less excited.

DVD Includes: Mountain State (2003), Confederation Park (1999), Buffalo Common (2001) and Roswell (1994).

90 minutes – Peripheral Produce No. 11 – DVD – 2004
personal/home use: $19.95
institutional/academic use: $65.00